Mountain Meals on Wheels provides nutritious meals to individuals who meet our minimum requirements:



  1. Candidates who have difficulties shopping or making their own meals primarily due to physical or cognitive disabilities, whether it be long term or short term conditions.
  2. Our mission is dedicated to persons who have a true medical need. All recipients must have a medical referral from a physician or medical facility. 
  3. We are a fee-based program, and hence require all recipients or sponsor to pay a nominal fee for the meals.

Meals are provided Monday through Friday, 52 weeks a year with the exceptions of major holidays and severe snow days.  Meals are delivered by our volunteer driver team typically before noon, but may be later in the day based on the individual driver’s schedule.


Our meals are prepared specifically for Mountain Meals on Wheels by the kitchen staff at Mountains Community Hospital.  The capable kitchen team and on-staff nutritionist ensures a healthy and wholesome meal, consisting of one entrée with two sides, a drink, fruit, and a dessert.  Meals can be customized within limits to accommodate food allergies or diabetic requirements.




If you, or someone you know would benefit from this program, please call Debbie McAdam at 951-314-6457, or send your contact information to